Mission – Vision – Values


The TDB Family Foundation exists to celebrate stories of kindness, support the resiliency of individuals, and promote solutions that contribute to thriving communities.


Spread Kindness – Share Stories – Solve Problems


Our values can best be described in this glossary of words that embody the spirit of our mission:

Gratitude – Living in the present moment of each day with an awareness and appreciation for what you have.

Hummingbird – A small, beautiful bird that embodies tireless devotion to the accomplishment of that which seems impossible (kindness). They remind us to seek out the good in life and the possibility of each day.

Kindness – Words or actions to physically, emotionally and/or mentally improve another’s state of being, without expecting anything in return.

Kindness Ambassador – A person trusted to imagine and implement acts of kindness to others, often in unexpected ways, and in a manner conducive to creating ripple effects of more kindness.

Lens of Hope – A way of perceiving things with a receptiveness and/or expectation that looks for hope no matter how challenging the situation, and seeks potential solutions and ways of making the situation better.

Mental Health – A vital companion to physical health, mental health includes your emotional, psychological, and social state of mind. It is the crucial foundation that affects how you think, feel and act.

Resiliency – The capacity to adapt to or to recover from life’s harder times. The ability to work through change, adversity, trauma, and challenges with the strength to continue on.

Thriving Communities – Communities that have equitable access to resources such as affordable housing, healthy food, employment, healthcare, safety, education, the natural environment, and the arts.

Well-Being – The tapestry of your physical, mental, emotional, and social health that allows you to have a positive perception of yourself and your life and enables you see life through a lens of hope.


Kindness Matters – You Matter

Kindness is contagious. Kindness is cool. Kindness is making a comeback. At a time when so much divisiveness and rage fuels our political and cultural conversations, simple acts of intentional kindness have become a powerful and transformative antidote. We are looking to support kindness projects of all shapes and sizes and highlight the inspirational work of kindness ambassadors. Individuals who imagine and implement acts of kindness, often in unexpected ways, demonstrate that YOU do matter. And, in the process they create the ripple effects that transform the world around them.

Lens of Hope

Filmmakers, musicians, artists, and creatives can unite people around the shared experience of inspiring and uplifting stories. We regularly host social impact film events that bring people together to learn about challenging issues needing constructive and collaborative solutions. We are looking to entertain and educate audiences while moving them from being passive viewers to becoming creative and engaged problem solvers. These Lens of Hope Creatives open viewers up to a different way of perceiving a challenging situation with the expectation that they can find potential solutions and participate in creating a more hope-filled world.

Pathways to Mental Health Resiliency

We recognize the importance of mental health and seek to find creative pathways towards wellness and resiliency.  Mental health is a vital companion to physical health and includes one’s emotional, psychological, spiritual, and social well-being. It is the crucial foundation that impacts every major problem facing modern society. Resiliency is the capacity to recover from adversity, trauma, or change, and find the strength to carry on. We look for projects that help build a tapestry of physical, mental, emotional, and social wellness that enables individuals and communities to adapt and thrive with a hopeful vision for their future.

Pet-Powered Pawzitivity

The furry, four-legged family members who inhabit our lives provide companionship, joy, and a daily dose of mischief. Our pets are often a source of comfort and solace for individuals who are grieving or lonely and can be professionally trained to provide assistance with physical or emotional needs. Pets can also provide relief in anxiety-producing situations and can facilitate deeper human connection or companionship. Animals in their native habitat remind us of our
interconnectedness and the importance of protecting and caring for the natural world we inhabit. We seek creative projects to support these family members who provide so much pet-powered pawzitivity.

Voices of Youth

The next generation is inheriting a world filled with both challenges and opportunities. The rapid pace of technology, new models of education and employment, the threat of climate change, and our increasing global interconnectedness, make it even more important that we draw upon the wisdom of all generations. Half of the world’s population is under the age of 30, 25 percent are under the age of 15. Young people offer an inspiring blend of unflinching honesty and contagious optimism combined with youthful energy and passion. We are looking to support projects that amplify these voices of youth and their fresh ideas and innovation that will help to create a brighter future.

Our mission is to celebrate stories of kindness, support the resiliency of individuals, and promote solutions that contribute to thriving communities. With this mission, we are intentionally orchestrating a movement to inspire others to live with a spirit of kindness and compassion. We believe it is possible to live in the present moment of each day with an awareness and gratitude for what you have, and that each person can help to make the world a better, kinder place.

Through the projects we support in our five focus areas, we seek to help individuals and communities thrive. We hope to partner with efforts to expand equitable access to resources such as affordable housing, education and employment opportunities, healthy food, wellness and resiliency, and an appreciation for the natural environment and the arts.